My video blog


My video blog

This website is still a work in progress!

If you want to contact me, please visit my business website at (And yes, the co is correct. It is not com.)

I will be posting videos on this blog.

I am also in the process of going through all of my belongings and sorting through them for the purpose of minimalizing my baggage…..and this is a project that is taking longer than I desired…..I get distracted by other things!

My camper van tour

I sleep in this van when I take short trips. I haven’t yet travelled long distances and slept in the van, but I would like to do that someday. I have made changes to my set up several times, but this is the way it is working for me now (as of 4-24-2023).

vanladymarylou: Minivan camper tour – Let the Adventures Begin
vanladymarylou: My no build Dodge Grand Caravan Camper Van