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Today’s Readings: 11-3-2022

The Politics of the Bull Market, Bear Market, and the Economy Today’s Readings are on the topic of the bears and bulls of the stock market. In the Fall Semester of 1973, I was taking five 3 semester hour classes at Florida Junior College at Jacksonville. I had only completed two college credit classes as … Continue reading Today’s Readings: 11-3-2022

Today’s Readings: 11-2-2022

I AM BEING TRACKED WHEN I AM DRIVING.….and I am more than ok with it…. In fact, I feel safer! So my TODAY’s READINGS topic is on INSURANCE PREMIUMS and TRACKING. I have just switched vehicle insurance carriers, and I am saving $194.00 U.S.D. on a 6 months premium (which is $32.34 per month). That … Continue reading Today’s Readings: 11-2-2022

Today’s Reading: 10-22-2022

Today’s Reading – I could not put down this little book…..Liberia’s Silent Revival. The Ongoing Fight to fulfill its name! And the Young People Leading the Charge……by The House of Hope Liberia Team (Introduction by Cliff Simon of Canada, ISBN: 9798822208919, published in 2022 – so currently what is going on there)….It is about “….young … Continue reading Today’s Reading: 10-22-2022

Foster Homes Needed

Children deserve a home….. There are currently 162 children from the Ware County (City of Waycross) area in Foster Care. There are only 19 approved Foster families. More Foster homes are needed. (Waycross Journal-Herald, 10-12-2022) If abortion is not going to be legal in Georgia (or is just not accessible to women in need), there … Continue reading Foster Homes Needed


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