Today’s Readings: 10-20-2022

Today’s Readings are about the economy (particularly in the U.S.A. but worldwide too). I haven’t posted in Today’s Readings for a while now, because I have been reading a lot about the economy in countries outside of the U.S. over the past week and about politics here in the U.S. and abroad….and these topics can be so divisive that I just decided not to share my readings.

However, today I found an article about what Stacey Abrams said about the economy and having babies…..and that is exactly what I have been saying. ….. and this is something that I feel strongly about!

How can people who say the economy is their number 1 concern be against legalized abortion? Having a baby and raising a child costs the most of anything that a woman can do in her life. Can’t people see that? And if we force women to have unwanted babies, many of them will not be adopted as the pro-life people say…..and the ones that are not adopted will cost everyone a lot of money….directly or indirectly. I say, let’s take care of all the children (and people) who are on this side of the womb – who are alive and breathing on their own ….or shall we let them suffer their way out – starving as so many people are doing – both in the U.S. and around the world.

Stacey Abrams says “… let’s not pretend that women — half the population — especially of childbearing age, they understand that having a child is absolutely an economic issue. It’s only politicians that see it as just another cultural conversation.” And I agree!

SEE in article Stacey Abrams Floats Abortion as an Inflation Fix: ‘Having Children Is Why You’re Worried’ about Rising Prices

“You can’t divorce being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy from the economic realities of having a child…we don’t have the luxury of reducing it, or separating them out” Abrams said…..Another true statement!

What Abrams says about the cost of children and linking that to the economy may not be a “politically correct” thing to say, but it is so true. Children cost a LOT of money to raise, and the more children in a family, the greater the chance that the family will end up in poverty. It is just a fact!

Upon full disclosure, I had an abortion when I was 27 years old. Had I not had the choice of being able to abort, I could have died by bleeding to death….and the baby still would not have survived so the doctor who performed the abortion said. I was bleeding….BAD…..But even had that not be the case, I could barely support myself financially, much less afforded to have a baby…..Financially, I could not do it! Emotionally, I could not do it! Physically, I could not do it! I am glad I had a choice!

….and I feel so bad for the women today who do not have choice over care for their own bodies…… It is so wrong for women to not have a choice…… and very bad for the economy, too!

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It should be noted that abortion is not directly addressed in the Bible, though it was practiced in Biblical times. “Christians can develop their own faith-based arguments about modern political issues, whether or not the Bible speaks directly to them. But it is important to recognize that although the Bible was written at a time when abortion was practiced, it never directly addresses the issue (”