I voted for Stacey Abrams & Raphael Warnock

I am a registered Republican. What a mistake I made in 2016. I became a Republican then so I could vote for Donald Trump for president in the 2016 primary. I voted for Trump primarily because I wanted the Senate and Congress to go back to being controlled by Democrats, and historically the Senate and Congress flips to the opposite party of the president in the midterm election after the then current president takes office. (I could write a whole chapter on the way that works, but I won’t do it here.)

I have always been a Democrat, and other than voting for Trump in 2016, I have always voted straight Democrat, because PARTY MATTERS! I assumed Trump would be a 1-term president if he won, and I assumed he could not screw up the U.S. beyond repair in 4 years…..I was right on the 1-term president part, but boy was I wrong on him not being able to screw things up beyond repair. It is going to take years to repair some of his screwups. His coup attempt was the biggest screwup that is lingering and will probably linger the rest of his life and maybe far beyond if he is not held accountable for at least some of his wrong doings.

Now, I know some will disagree, because the people who say the economy was so good under Trump vote just their pocket books at the moment. What some don’t seem to understand is that inflation is world-wide, not just in the U.S. It is not Biden’s fault! The damage Trump did with decreases in taxes (mostly for the rich), some of his increased tariffs, most all his nationalism policies, and other things he did, would not be realized in his 4 years in office. However, U.S. problems in our economy now are in part because of him and his Republican followers.

Now we are in jeopardy of losing our democracy because of the damage Trump did to the U.S. by his encouraging bad home-grown actors (many armed with weapons) to come to Washington D.C. for an insurrection on January 6 so he could stay in power after he had lost the election in 2020. What a big mistake it was for Trump to become our president for 4 years…..and he is still doing damage telling his lies!

So now I am really a RINO – Republican In Name Only. I am staying a Republican so that I can vote in Republican primaries, because I don’t think Republicans who are Trump worshipers will make informed and wise decisions when they vote. I trust Democrats to save our Democracy and our freedoms 199% more than I trust who a lot of people in the Republican party have become!

The main reason I became a Democrat when I first registered to vote in the early 1970s was because I was pro-choice and the Republican party platform wanted abortion to be illegal nationwide. Other reasons I have always been Democrat is that the Republican party has historically been against unions, been for privatizing Social Security and Medicare, been for whatever would benefit the rich, and the party has never been looking out for the middle-income earners and poor even though they may say they are.

This is not to say that all Republicans are bad people. Many of them are wonderful people, but their brains just work differently than mine does. Unless a person is rich, I just don’t understand why they vote for Republicans.

So today, I vote again for Democrats on my absentee ballot.