Today’s Readings: 10-8-2022

Today’s Readings are about choices of homes other than newer homes, condos, and apartments. Though most think of homes as being in those categories, there is a trend today of people being more creative in their homes. Some make other choices in life styles because they want to do so; some make other choices because they have to do so for financial reasons.

So, today’s readings (and videos) are about home choices that are not newer stick & brick built homes, condos, and apartments. They can be mobile. Yes, mobile homes are what I am referring to, but I am also referring to tiny homes and homes on wheels (which includes cars, vans, and SUVs). Here goes the choices.

Mobile Homes

The first type of home I take you to is the mobile home. The newer mobile homes have the feel of a stick built homes, and most have wind resistance ratings better than most all of the older homes (meaning homes built before 1990 and maybe even later) and as good as most lower and mid-quality homes built today. The problems occur because of zoning restrictions in a lot of areas. See

New mobile homes must meet wind codes for the areas they are permitted. Older homes are usually grandfathered in and do not have to meet codes as high. Older homes are not built to survive bad hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other severe weather conditions. “Most of the cottages were built in the 1940s or the 1950s. They boast sweeping views of the water and docks for skiffs,” it is said of Pine Island homes destroyed by Hurricane Ian recently. See

ABC News

Homes are crumbling into the Gulf at the foot of temporary new Pine Island bridge

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are a trend now. However, it is difficult to find land on which to build them because of zoning restrictions.

See “Tiny Home Regulations: Zoning Laws” at

See “Tiny house Laws by State USA – The Updated Guide 2022” at

RV & Van Life

Another life style that many people are choosing is full-time (or part-time RV or van life). Some are even choosing to live in SUVs or cars, by choice. A lot of these people do not consider themselves to be homeless. A lot of them do it to travel. They are typically minimalists (which is what I am working on becoming).

See Minivan Lee talk about this lifestyle here: