Today’s Readings: 10-5-2022

Today’s readings are about van life….. I am back to working on my camper van. Mine is simple. I don’t like the fancy ones that come all built out. Everyone must build out (or non-build build) their camper vans to accommodate their lifestyles, just like everyone must build their stick-and-brick homes to accomodate their lifestyles (i.e. kids, pets, hobbies, etc.). I keep making changes and improvements to accomodate my dogs (and me, of course….but my dogs come first… them….and they love me…..and make me feel safe).

With cooler weather coming, I will be taking some trips with the dogs……Look at other older ladies doing it too shown in videos below ….. I am only planning short trips for now.

The 10 Best Camper Vans for Getting Away From It All in Style

These are examples of the fancy vans….. Good to look at for ideas, but way too expensive and with a lot I don’t need…. See

This is Travel Grandma. She is married and goes alone a lot, but in this video her husband is travelling with her.

Minivan Lee interviews Travel Grandma. I follow both of these ladies. Love them! Travel Grandma travels and lives in minivan part time. Minivan Lee is single and travels alone, but last I heard she now has a friend that travels with her. Minivan Lee lives in her minivan full time. My minivan is the same model and year as the one Travel Grandma owns. My bed is different, and my organization of my van is also different. I have used some ideas from both of these ladies.

Minivan Lee has written a book for sale on Here she is. I follow her to some extinct. She has a man friend now who travels with her most of the time, but she started out on her own. She has a no-build concept going on in her van.

Minivan Lee is setting up her new minivan….moving from one minivan to another. I like the way she sleeps on the floor of her van. (In my van, I have gone to a mattress on the floor, too. I decided I like having more head room in my van, and it makes it easier with my 2 dogs.)

Here I am in my minivan as it is set up right now. The seat I am leaning against is a bed for my smallest dog, the 40 pound one, but also a place I can sit when I want a chair to sit in.