Today’s Readings: 9-28-2022

Today’s readings are about the real estate market and why immigration is needed in the U.S.

I am an avid reader, and I have started adding to my daily reading material some of the articles that I have found on the internet. I am doing my best to only post or reference articles I find on the internet in Today’s Readings that are accurate in content, but I cannot guarantee total accuracy.

For those who are taking or have taken college credit courses (especially if graduate level courses), the reason professors require you to use peer reviewed journal articles is because those that are peer reviewed have been through a quality control process, so to speak, before they are published. Though I try to post only articles that contain accurate content, the articles listed here have probably not been through a quality control process.

If you have other articles you would like me to post on my running blog on this site and/or to post in my Today’s Readings, I am open to reviewing and possibly posting them. Just contact me via the contact page on this site. I would love to hear from you!

“The cancellation rate is even higher in some cities, with 20% of buyers backing out of purchase agreements in 10 of the 50 most populous metro areas in the country. Here’s a look at those real estate markets, ranked by the highest rate of cancellations:

  1. Jacksonville, Florida: 26.1% …… “

Jacksonville, Florida is Number 1 in cancellations.

See “Homebuyers are backing out of deals at record-high rates in these 10 U.S. cities” at

Don’t let advertising about how good Florida’s Governor DeSantis is. He is bad for the State…Really Bad! Here’s some documentation. I have more, but this is enough for now.

Just for the record, crime is high (above the U.S. average) in this Republican lead city and state. ( See

Also, Jacksonville, Florida, is number 1 in home buyers backing out of buying a home. See “Home sale cancellation rates surge in Sun Belt pandemic boomtowns” at


Office Markets Are the Real Estate Crash We Need to Worry About


Housing market correction? Here’s what experts think is ahead for the real estate market


New HBI Report Shows Labor Shortage Weakening Housing Supply, Affordability


My opinion:

There would not be a labor shortage if the U.S.A. government would fix our immigration system. There are people all over the world, good people who are self-motivated and ready, willing, and able to work if they could get here. It just does not make sense to me the way the U.S. is so broken as to not let these people come here and work. Americans who are here don’t want the jobs. So give them to people who want them!

See “The Impact of Immigration on the Housing Market” at

See “How Immigration Can Offset the U.S. Labor Shortage and Rising Inflation”

See “Immigrants are key to addressing America’s labor shortage, lowering inflation, and growing our economy” at

What the Bible Says:

See “Refugees and immigrants in the U.S. …..”

“…But in the U.S. context, welcoming refugees and other immigrants is remarkably safe. Of the 3 million refugees resettled since 1980, none has taken an American citizen’s life in a terrorist attack. And there’s ample evidence immigrants (whether lawfully present or not) commit crime at far lower rates than native-born U.S. citizens. Most economists agree immigrants are also net economic contributors, especially as a dramatic labor shortage fuels inflation. But even if loving our refugee and immigrant neighbors presented a security threat or economic burden, the biblical call remains.”

“Until the U.S. church’s approach to immigration is primarily informed by the Bible rather than politicians and media, we will continue to miss out on one of the greatest missional opportunities of our time.” — Matthew Soerens


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