Today’s Readings: 9-11-2022

I am an avid reader, and I have started adding to my daily reading material some of the articles that I have found on the internet. I am doing my best to only post or reference articles I find on the internet in Today’s Readings that are accurate in content, but I cannot guarantee total accuracy.

For those who are taking or have taken college credit courses (especially if graduate level courses), the reason professors require you to use peer reviewed journal articles is because those that are peer reviewed have been through a quality control process, so to speak, before they are published. Though I try to post only articles that contain accurate content, the articles listed here have probably not been through a quality control process.

If you have other articles you would like me to post on my running blog on this site and/or to post in my Today’s Readings, I am open to reviewing and possibly posting them. Just contact me via the contact page on this site. I would love to hear from you!

A Review of Research on the Consequences of Corruption in Four Sectors: Health, Education, Extractives and Infrastructure (editor/coordinator of the report’s (main) part 2 and main author of the introduction and the conclusion.

These are the 10 major housing markets that just saw the biggest declines in home equity

Are we or are we not in a recession in the U.S. I say we are not because prices on gas are declining and some other things are remaining stable or declining, and almost anyone can find a job in the U.S. if a U.S. citizen and legally in the states. You decide. This is a good article lists reasons why we might be considered to be in a recession and reasons why we might not be in what is called a recession. See “Why we may or may not be in a recession” at

9/11/2000 marked big changes that have followed since that dark day that have reduced freedoms taken for granted in the United States. I know my life changed forever that day. However, today, I am not worried about another 9/11 in the U.S. coming from terrorists who are not American. I am more concerned about Americans who have become home-grown terrorists. (See the next article, which is about Sandy Hook.)

See “September 11 attacks” @

“The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, United States, when 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people.” This is the day I began feeling that my teaching job was a dangerous job. This is the day that I realized the United States was in a very bad place, the day that I began feeling that people in the U.S. needed to stop hiding behind the second amendment, and the day that I thought sanity might now happen in the U.S. and at the very least automatic and semi-automatic weapons might be made illegal. Nothing happened to prevent a repeat of mass shootings. The reverse happened. More bought weapons and over the years, mass murders have increased in the U.S., not decreased. Where violence in the U.S. will escalate to before it stops, I don’t know. In my opinion, this day should be right up there with 9/11/2000 as a day that freedoms in the United States went downhill, and the main reason is that guns (especially auto and semi-auto guns) are too easy to get. See “Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting” at

What If Jesus Was An Immigrant … Actually, He Was. See

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