Today’s Readings: 9-10-2022

I am an avid reader, and I have started adding to my daily reading material some of the articles that I have found on the internet. I am doing my best to only post or reference articles I find on the internet in Today’s Readings that are accurate in content, but I cannot guarantee total accuracy.

For those who are taking or have taken college credit courses (especially if graduate level courses), the reason professors require you to use peer reviewed journal articles is because those that are peer reviewed have been through a quality control process, so to speak, before they are published. Though I try to post only articles that contain accurate content, the articles listed here have probably not been through a quality control process.

If you have other articles you would like me to post on my running blog on this site and/or to post in my Today’s Readings, I am open to reviewing and possibly posting them. Just contact me via the contact page on this site. I would love to hear from you!

Good news for the U.S. – Value of dollar is up. But it is hurting other countries around the world. This matters! See “The US dollar is decimating world currencies. Here’s how other countries are responding.” at

‘Triple-dip’ La Niña is on the way. Here’s what it means for weather in the US. (This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: ‘Triple-dip’ La Niña forecast: What does that mean for US weather?)

Shoplifting is getting so bad, stores must take extreme measures to prevent it. Shoplifting costs other shoppers because stores have to charge paying customers more. This article describes how some grocery stores are addressing the problem of shoplifting – locking shopping carts. See “Now Grocery Stores Are Punishing Us for Not Buying Anything” at

Rising seas could swallow millions of U.S. acres within decades.

From someone else’s blog: “Pro-Choice And Pro-Jesus: Abortion In Faith Perspective”

This was written in 2020, before the Supreme Court in the U.S. overturned Roe v. Wade. The author states that abortion would always be legal. That is what so many took for granted. Well, now that freedom of choice is no longer an option in many states. What freedom is next on the chopping block? If Republicans gain the majority in the Senate and House of Representatives (Federal), our freedom of choice is gone, and it will not stop with a woman’s right to choose whether to have an unwanted baby.

Being pro-choice is not equal to being pro-abortion. Having an abortion is a very personal, private, and difficult choice for any woman to make.

If you are a U.S. citizen and you are pro-choice, you need to vote for only Democrats in November 2022 primary election. Party matters in this election, like it never has before.

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