Dreaming Up Home Office Ideas? Use Your Garage!

by Suzie Wilson, contributor to my website

Photo by Jason Goodman via Unsplash

If you’re like many others in the workforce, you’re trying to figure out how you can create a better space for your remote job. Depending on your home’s layout, you can set up a legitimate office in your attic, basement, spare bedroom, or even in the corner of your living room.

However, if your primary goal is to minimize distractions and work away from your main living area, you might consider converting your garage! Check out these fundamental tips for turning your garage into the coolest office you’ve ever seen:

Write out your needs           

Before you get too deep into planning your garage conversion, make sure everything is set up for your business. For instance, if you have yet to establish a legal structure (or if it’s time that you change it), consider forming an LLC. Another practice that can benefit your business regardless of its age is to create a process map. This can help you better understand the how and why of your business functions, as well as the outcomes from those decisions.

Once you handle business matters, think about what your office needs in order to run smooth operations. Many work-from-home entrepreneurs rely on a strong Wi-Fi connection, plenty of space for equipment and furniture, several power outlets, etc. Survey the space so that you can make a plan for any additions or modifications necessary.

Handle the essentials

While each home office will have unique needs depending on who is using it, there are a few general characteristics to consider: temperature, flooring, and lighting. Most garages are not built as a living space, which means that your garage might not have adequate insulation for temperature control. If that is the case, you might need to add insulation to the walls (or hire a professional to do it). And if your garage does not have windows, you may want to put some in so that you can have good ventilation.

Laminate, linoleum, and low-pile carpet are excellent flooring options for a home office. If your office has concrete flooring and you like the look of it, you can get it treated or simply clean it and throw some area rugs into the space to warm it up. When it comes to lighting, natural lighting is king. Position your main workspace near a window so that you can get the productivity and health benefits of sunshine throughout the day. And look for desk lamps and floor lamps with warm bulbs if you need additional lighting.

Paint the space

The quickest way to visually transform your garage is to paint the walls. You can go with any color you want; this is when you begin to put some of your personality into your work area. If you want to incorporate bold and vibrant decor, consider painting your office walls in a neutral tone like cool gray or off-white. Of course, you could also paint one accent wall in a fun orange, blue, or green if it helps you maximize your concentration and productivity.

Get creative with the decor

Finally, have some fun decorating your garage-turned-office. Research ideas online for inspiring home offices, and incorporate a variety of textures and colors to make the space interesting. Textiles, throw rugs, plants, framed artwork, and comfortable furniture are great items to start with. You’ll also need to ensure that your desk and office chair match the overall aesthetic of your space.

If you are catching on to the benefits of turning a garage into a home office, the tips above can get you off to a strong start. But keep researching, and make a list of all the ideas that inspire you to transform your space and get to work. In no time, you’ll be bringing home the bacon without really leaving your home!

This article is brought to you by Mary Kelly, who believes that “Home Is Where the Heart Is” and that real estate is the best investment one can possess. We all have to live somewhere, and where a person lives is one of the most important decisions one will ever make. As a realtor, I go above and beyond to help buyers and sellers with their buying and selling decisions. For more information, contact me today!

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