Question: What should landlords know about Marijuana and Rental Properties?

by Mary Kelly (1/2/2022)

I am good at internet research, but I am not an attorney. This answer is based solely on internet sources that I have not verified as to accuracy. Therefore, you are advised to consult an attorney for more information if you are a landlord.

In Zillow’s article “Marijuana and Rental Properties: What Landlords and Property Managers Should Know,” information is provided at

This question came to me from a landlord about landlord’s liability if tenants are using marijuana illegally in a rental unit which has lead me to do some research on this matter. Laws are regulated and enforced by states….and they vary. There are also federal laws and regulations, which makes comprehension of the laws surrounding the use of marijuana in the United States all the more confusing.

In the State of Georgia (United States) where I currently live, medical marijuana is legal conditionally. For details, see the following (but be aware that anyone can post to the internet):

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