Jacksonville neighborhoods families love

Author: Beatrice White, Assistant Editor, Marketing / Moving Offices San Diego (www.movingofficessandiego.com)

A beach in Jacksonville, Florida

The proximity to the ocean and the fantastic weather Jacksonville gets both contribute to it being a great place to start fresh. And being the biggest city in Florida – even the biggest one by land area in the entire US – it’s no wonder it comes equipped with multiple neighborhoods suitable for raising children. However, some of them are better than the rest in terms of overall safety and affordability. We’ve taken the time to set aside a couple of Jacksonville neighborhoods families love, all so that you can decide where to ultimately settle down.

Jacksonville neighborhoods families love the most

With the demand for housing reaching an all-time high, it’s easy to understand why you might be looking for a property to purchase – in none other but sunny Jacksonville. Considering you have a family to think of, you can’t just up and relocate to virtually the first neighborhood you stumble upon. Instead, you must choose wisely to ensure the community you end up going for is as family-friendly as it can get! Luckily, we’ve got a couple of suggestions here for you!

Jacksonville skyline


Although Deercreek might not be the perfect neighborhood for those purchasing housing for the first time, it could be ideal for second-time homebuyers. Properties here tend to be a bit more expensive than in the rest of Jacksonville. However, they are still considered affordable by US standards. One can expect to pay about $300,000 for an average home here, with rental fees falling somewhere around $1,000.

Deercreek boasts of some of the lowest crime statistics in Florida. This makes it safer than the vast majority of communities in the state! It’s also a community that offers its young residents excellent education opportunities. The neighborhood itself is conveniently located to allow for an easy commute from one Jacksonville area to the other.

Chances for fun are abundant in Deercreek, as well! For example, families can enjoy catching Jacksonville Jaguars games every now and then at the TIAA Bank Field stadium. Furthermore, a thirty-minute drive to the east will take them to Oceanfront Park, where they can participate in beach volleyball and swimming. If any of the mentioned convince you to choose Deercreek as your permanent residence, we advise you to search through bestlongdistancemovers.com for appropriate moving assistance.


Sandalwood is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in all of Jacksonville when we take into account the housing. Around $140,000 can get you a nicely-sized family home here. In terms of rent, the average is about $1,200. Despite the affordable median home price, Sandalwood has a bit of something for everyone, from luxurious mansions to traditional homes and tiny studios.

The community is known for highly rated schools and low crime rates. Sandalwood High School, for instance, is thought of as one of the best public high schools in the whole city. Those whose children are pursuing higher education have a lot to gain from residing here, too, considering Sandalwood is relatively close to Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Despite the neighborhood featuring mostly houses, entertainment opportunities in the form of shopping centers and recreational areas are just a short drive away. With that said, if you are looking for a neighborhood in one of the most popular cities in the entire country that’s a bit more on the serene side, Sandalwood in Jacksonville could be the one for you!

Ortega Forest

One cannot talk about Jacksonville neighborhood families love without mentioning Ortega Forest. The place resembles heaven on Earth, with greenery adorning every step of it. As a cherry on top, this part of the city has even been named the safest of all! And if we are talking percentiles, Ortega Forest is 90% safer than other cities in Florida!

This neighborhood isn’t the cheapest to make a life in, but it is not the most expensive either. A typical house here will cost you $330,000, while you should expect to set aside somewhere around $800 a month for rent. Ranch-style is predominant in the area, and colonial estates are many, as well.

Military families occupy a lot of Ortega Forest, for a good reason. Actually, Naval Air Station Jacksonville is located close to the community, making it simple to travel back and forth. On the other hand, families with kids are especially fond of the place due to its highly-rated schools – the prominent ones being Ortega Elementary and Stockton Elementary.

Those who love spending a day by the riverside should be happy to find out that the Ortega River is a popular spot for water enthusiasts. Popular activities here include paddle boarding and kayaking.

A police car on the street


Oceanway is a neighborhood that allows families to purchase a larger house for less money. With the median home price falling at $160,000, becoming a homeowner is definitely not just a distant dream here. Renting in Oceanway isn’t as cheap, but then again, monthly fees aren’t exactly through the roof either, with the median rent falling just short of $1,300.

Oceanway has tremendous potential for growth and is actually considered something of an up-and-coming neighborhood. It’s pretty close to Interstate 295, which simplifies commuting in a significant way. The good thing is that the community is also near the Jacksonville National Airport – a fact of high significance for those who love traveling!

Through the neighborhood flows the Dunn Creek river. Honestly, it’s not particularly unusual for buyers in the area to search for housing that features a full river view, and the situation is pretty much the same with those who rent. The place has a fair share of properties to buy and rent, ranging from traditional homes to luxurious apartments.

Some of the most popular regional amenities include River City Marketplace and William F. Sheffield Regional Park.

A flamingo in Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Now that you are all caught up on Jacksonville neighborhoods families love, how about you start thinking about which one is just right for you? Research the options further, visit these communities in person, and don’t be afraid to seek professional realtor advice if you feel the need to!

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