Home Sellers’ FAQ: How (and Why) to Deep Clean Your House

Home Sellers’ FAQ: How (and Why) to Deep Clean Your House

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How important is cleanliness when it comes to selling your home? Deep cleaning may seem less urgent than everything else on a seller’s to-do list, but the truth is, a less-than-sparkling home can take thousands of dollars off its sale price.

Not only does cleanliness make a home shine, it also shows prospective buyers that you take pride in your property. That eases a buyer’s mind regarding any hidden problems that might be lurking below the surface.

From REALTOR Mary Kelly, here are answers to sellers’ top questions about deep cleaning.

What are the most important areas for sellers to deep clean?

Not every room in the house is created equally. Focus your cleaning efforts on
these areas for maximum impact.

***A clean house starts with curb appeal. Today’s Homeowner explains how to
spring clean the outside of your home step-by-step.

***The kitchen can make or break your home sale. Make sure yours impresses
with the help of a deep clean.

***Nothing is worse than a dirty bathroom. Learn how to clean your bathroom so you don’t miss a single spot.

***Skipping these 5 overlooked places to clean will make even the tidiest of
homes feel dingy.

***Proud pet parent? Learn how to get rid of pet smells fast.

Who should I hire to deep clean my home?

Not everyone has the time (or patience) to clean their house from top to
bottom. Outsourcing to cleaning crews is a fuss-free way to get your house
sparkling, but how do you choose the right professionals to entrust with your

***First, start with these BBB tips: 7 tips for hiring a house cleaner to decide
whether to hire an independent cleaner or large cleaning business and find a
reputable cleaner.

***Most carpet “steam cleaners” actually use hot water extraction and cleaning chemicals. Hire a company that uses a true steam cleaner for a deeper, greener clean.

***You’ll also want a landscaping service to tidy up your home’s exterior. This
guide on how to find and hire a landscaper explains what to look for.

***Are you dealing with a mouse problem? You can find a reliable exterminator
near you by doing an online search for “best exterminator for mice” and using
websites like Angi.

What are the best tools for DIY deep cleaning?

Do you prefer to avoid the expense of professional cleaning? While more time-consuming, it’s possible to deep clean a house yourself when equipped with the right tools.

***Read up on the best way to clean windows, according to Good Housekeeping. (Hint: It doesn’t involve a squeegee.)

***Rent a steam cleaner from Home Depot to clean high touch areas, eliminate odors, and refresh grout.

****Check out these 12 clever house cleaning tools that’ll get all those hard-to-reach places.

***Don’t let dirt and grime distract buyers from all your home has to offer. Deep cleaning guarantees that your home shows off its best side when it hits the housing market. Whether you invest in DIY cleaning tools or let the professionals handle the dirty work, you’ll be glad you did.

Mary Kelly is the Real Estate Broker/Owner of Kelly Property Expert Inc.
who is ready to partner with you to ready your home to sell.
Reach out today! 912-387-9922

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