About Mary

I am a Florida native. The only place I have lived outside of Florida is Waycross, Georgia, where I presently live.

Growing up, I lived in Jacksonville, Florida, and I graduated with two masters’ degrees (majoring in business, marketing, and computer science) right there in Jacksonville.

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, I completed three graduate level courses that I still needed to complete a Masters of Business Administration degree (with major coursework in international business & management) at Amberton University. (I had started taking courses at Amberton prior to retiring in May 2017 from my last teaching position, which was as a professor at Pasco-Hernando State College.)

To go back in years to July 2000, I began my real estate career with a large real estate company in West Palm Beach, Florida, and I have continuously been working and studying in some capacity in both the professions of teaching and real estate since then . My teaching career began prior to that in 1977 at Matthew Gilbert Seventh Grade Center in Jacksonville, Florida, where I taught career exploratory classes in marketing. Fast forward to the mid-1980s. While pursuing a teaching career at Palm Beach State College where I was an Assistant Professor of Office Systems/Computer Science courses for 11 years, I started acquiring homes and became a landlord. This is what lead to my interest in getting a real estate sales license so that I could pursue real estate sales as a career.

Kelly Property Expert, Inc., was created in 2015 and operated part-time from my home in Port Richey, Florida, while I was still teaching at Pasco-Hernando State College full-time. I moved to Waycross, Georgia, after retiring from my teaching position and brought my company with me. Currently, I am working mostly in the capacity of a real estate sales & research/writing consultant.

My philosophy in life & work

My philosophy in life, which cannot be separated from where I live and work, is and has always been to strive to have both a home and a career where I can pursue my passions. In keeping with my philosophy, I live and work wherever I feel a calling from God.

My experience as a REALTOR®
July 2000 to September 2022

I first became licensed as a real estate agent in 2000 and then licensed as a real estate broker in 2002. (I gave up teaching in 2001 for full-time work as a REALTOR®.) During my first 2-1/2 years working as a REALTOR®,  I worked for a large independent real estate company out of a West Palm Beach office. In 2003, I started my own company. In my own company, I closed about 900 sales transactions in six years (2003-2009).

In 2008, I moved to Waycross with plans to get licensed in Georgia and to move my office to Waycross, but a I had a calling to go back into teaching to a job that literally fell in my lap. I wasn’t really planning to return to teaching, but the position in Waycross opened right after I moved to the area, and I felt a calling back into the teaching profession. 

Fast forward. I left Waycross in 2011 and returned to Florida for a different teaching position, which was at Pasco-Hernando State College. However, I still did not abandon real estate. I kept up with my real estate credentials and even added to them during those teaching years. Then in 2015, while still teaching, I created Kelly Property Expert, Inc., from my home office in Port Richey, Florida.

Fast forward another couple of years. On May 3, 2017, I retired from my position as a Professor at Pasco-Hernando State College and then returned to Waycross, Georgia. In moving back to Waycross, I moved my company, Kelly Property Expert, from my home in Port Richey to a small office in the Historic Rail Depot in Downtown Waycross, where it was located until December 31, 2019. Upon closing my office in Waycross, I moved my company to the Arlington Profession Building in Jacksonville, Florida, about 75 miles from my home.

My Code of Ethics and promises I make to you

I have always approached my work with both buyers and sellers of real estate as a consultant/teacher offering guidance as it is needed. This is the same approach I use in all of my work now which is primarily as a real estate sales/research consultant.

Embodied in all I do both personally and professionally, I adhere to a code of ethics that opposes discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status sexual orientation, gender identity, and national origin. In addition to my adherence to anti-discrimination, I also promise to go ABOVE and BEYOND for you!

My Passion

To get a glimpse into my philosophy of life and work, check out my speech on passion which I gave at both the morning and afternoon commencement ceremonies on the day I retired from teaching (May 3, 2017) at Pasco-Hernando State College.

Pasco-Hernando State College – May 3, 2017 – “I am moving on….”

My YouTube Channel

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College Degrees & Credentials

Masters of Business Administration – Amberton University

Masters (Computer Education) – Jacksonville University

Masters (Business Education) – University of North Florida

Bachelors (Vocational Education / Marketing) – University of North Florida

Associate of Arts (Business / Office Systems) – Florida State College at Jacksonville

Office Accounting Certification – Okefenokee Technical College (now Coastal Pines Technical College)